A Dose of Your Own Medicine

It really pains me that I have to conduct a background investigation on someone that I once considered a friend. My intentions were not to hurt or harm “She Who Shall Not Be Named” or her family; however I did […]

Episode 1 of Season 3- Welcome to the Drama Dungeon

Welcome to the Drama Dungeon We are back! Thanks for joining us for the premiere of Married To Medicine season 3! Before we get started did you see how the Doll slayed the photo shoot? #YaassHunty! (In My Dr. G […]

Episode 9 Blog - Queen Of Denial

Quad tries to answer the million dollar question — Is Simone being messy? Reco allowed his emotions to supersede his intellect, and I was very disappointed in how he handled himself at the Women of Atlanta fashion show. Wow, a […]