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Keeping A Cool Head In A Hot Situation

Yaaaaaaaas honey for Dr. Simone! Last year she was #StugglingBoots but this year she’s #Balling. It’s so good to see her practice doing well and bringing in a coin. A Maserati coin that is! It’s true, education can bear the […]

It’s not the Brady Bunch, it’s the Shady Bunch

It’s not the Brady Bunch, it’s the Shady Bunch! Tonight’s episode was a shade fest!  First, Jill Connors enters throwing shade at Toya. Next, Heav shades “She Who Shall Not Be Named”. Then, Toya follows up with more shade saying, […]

A Dose of Your Own Medicine

It really pains me that I have to conduct a background investigation on someone that I once considered a friend. My intentions were not to hurt or harm “She Who Shall Not Be Named” or her family; however I did […]