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Go Khloe! Go!

Look at my Khloe playing football in the backyard! I’m so in love with my baby! Always play and interact with your babies, they really enjoy your company and genuine love. Xo, Quad

Loving Michael Costello!

Michael Costello is one of my favorite designers! Recently, I had an opportunity to visit with him while in Los Angeles. I have several of his designs and I cannot wait to get a sneak peek of his upcoming collection. […]

Dr. Jackie's 50 Shades of Pink!

Having Fun with Sheree` Whitfield at Dr. Jackie’s 50 Shades of Pink Event! It was great seeing her and the event was beautiful! Have you been to any good events lately? xoxo, Quad

Loving My Fishtail!

The fishtail braid is perfect for sexy summer hair!  It’s  a simple style that anyone can do quickly and efficiently, which is the goal for many of you ladies right? Right now, the fishtail is one of summer’s hottest trends […]