Fact Check!

There’s been lots of speculation pertaining to #MarriedToMed season 3 episode 10 so it’s only fair that I offer clarity with a quick Fact list

Fact: “She Who Shall Not Be Named” introduced the public to her husband’s infidelity. In fact it was a major part of her storyline from season 2 into season 3.

Fact: I do not know Eye Liner, aka @bourgie_posh, aka Damen Wayne. I only found out is birth name as he apologized on social media for dragging me into his love triangle after the show aired.

Fact Check 3 Fact Check 4

Fact: The picture of he and I was taken at the Married to Medicine season 2 premiere party and he has a pic with almost every woman on the cast. That’s where he states he met Darren.

Fact Check 2Fact Check 1

Fact: He has a separate photo with “She Who Shall Not Be Named” at a completely different event. So, I guess that means she knows him?

Fact: He claims he came to me because he had several failed attempts at speaking to “She Who Shall Not Be Named” about his love affair with her husband as she avoided him.

Fact: When he approached me he stated he read about Darren’s wife and my differences in the blogs. I can only assume that maybe he thought as the old saying goes, the enemy of his enemy would be his friend. That couldn’t be further from the truth for me. I don’t care to have anything to do with “SWSNBN” or her personal affairs. I have no interest in ruining her family.

Fact: I am pursuing legal action against “SWSNBN” for assaulting me. It is not ok to throw water, push, hit, or throw a glass cutting anyone’s face.

Fact: I did not solicit the information about Darren sleeping with @bourgie_posh nor did I pay him.

Fact: “SWSNBN” blamed Jill Connors for the exotic dancer informing her that Darren frequents the strip club.

Fact: I didn’t divide the group. I did however, choose to stay away from certain individuals in the group to avoid any more conflict.

Fact: I don’t get a guest list of attendees for events I’m invited to in Atlanta or anywhere else for that matter. So I never knew “SWSNBN” would be present at Porsha Williams’ event.

Fact: “SWSNBN” and I were able to exist in the same room because there were no instigating factors at Porsha’s event creating or forcing drama.

Facts bring about understanding…

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