Inspiration for the Nation!!


I’m so happy that you finally get to see an entire episode that shows the positive side of what I am doing in my life and my career. Last season you saw a few snippets of my entrepreneurial spirit and my business acumen when I developed the concept for Picture Perfect Pup, met with investors and launched my first line. #PicturePerfectPup

Since the launch of Picture Perfect Pup, online sales have been going extremely well. I’ve heard from fans all over the world. Little four leg babies in London, Australia, and Brazil are stepping out on the scene in their couture wear from my line. And stateside, I have received orders from celebrities and fans in nearly every state. My customers have praised the exquisite craftsmanship, tailoring and designs that Picture Perfect Pup offers. What Diva wouldn’t love to wear a gown covered in Swarovski crystals?

I have been working very hard on building my brand over the past three years. I’m jet setting, trendsetting. I am starting to see the fruits of my labor as I have been named BCBG Brand Contributor. It’s truly an honor for me to be recognized by BCBG as a top entrepreneur, a woman of influence and fashionista.

My theory on life is people shouldn’t be in competition with one another. Leave that to the sports field. Stay in your own lane and run your own race. Don’t pay attention to what others are doing or saying because that will distract your focus away from your goals.

Growing up in the city of Memphis helped me to build character. It motivated me to strive for greatness. I was surrounded by family and friends that encouraged me. I’m grateful that I grew up with both parents in my household who stressed education. And to my favorite teacher, Ernestine Boyd who would not accept no for an answer and pushed me to achieve my goals. Thanks to my father who always encouraged me to be an independent thinker and challenged me to be my best. He taught me to work hard, to be self-sufficient, ask questions, and the value of a dollar. May he rest in peace. I’m grateful to the community who rallied behind me and pushed me forward.

Understand that your mistakes do not define you and you do not have to be bound by your circumstances or situation. It’s ok to dream; however when you wake, write your goals down and let the chase begin. One of my favorite quotes is “In order to predict your future the best way is to create it.” –Abraham Lincoln

Set your goals and do not defer from the plan. Have patience, take your time, plan it out, and create a blue print. Sit down with people who can help you along the way. Pick their brain. But, you also need to be a self-motivator. Living by these principals has led me to where I am today. So it doesn’t matter where you’re from it’s all about where your headed. I’m proud to be a part of the BCBG family while it’s hard work but it’s well worth it! As Lubov Azria said, it’s only the beginning. Check out my contributor feature below and be inspired…

I want to thank Lubov for being so gracious in hosting my guests at her beautiful home! It was truly breath taken.

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