Keeping A Cool Head In A Hot Situation


Yaaaaaaaas honey for Dr. Simone! Last year she was #StugglingBoots but this year she’s #Balling. It’s so good to see her practice doing well and bringing in a coin. A Maserati coin that is! It’s true, education can bear the fruits of the finer things in life.

It was important that I invite “She Who Shall Not Be Named” to lunch. My hopes were for us as women, to sit down, discuss our issues, and move forward. Seeing tonight’s episode while we were speaking over the phone tells me she wanted the feud; notice her attitude and body language (with the eye rolling) was one of disdain.

When I met with “She Who Shall Not Be Named”, my heart was truly in the right place. I embraced her with a hug. I was confident that she and I would be able to talk and resolve the matter peacefully. I was hoping she would be remorseful and apologize for her actions towards a friend. However, her pessimistic attitude made it apparent she had other plans. She was amped up and ready to turn up. She antagonized what could have been a positive conversation with boorish insulting words. With her screaming calling me a hood rat bitch, stating that I and Mariah were in a lesbian relationship (which is hilarious) but her way of attacking my marriage, i.e. #EpicFailure. Thank God my husband knows me. By the way, let me speak on background checks. There’s NO background check that list a person’s sexual orientation! It will read: Name, DOB, Country, Height, Weight, Hair color, Eye color, Sex, Education, Occupations, Tax Liens, Marital Status (current /past marriages), Rental History, Criminal History, Traffic Violations and Court Cases. No matter what was said or allegations made towards me, I remained calm. I truly believe “at NO point is it ok to hit another woman.” Not only did “She Who Shall Not Be Named” throw water in my face and push me, she took it to another level when she threw a second glass full force less than a foot away from me, cutting my face. Her behavior has assault written all over it. I will deal with it legally. When we were children our parents taught us the Golden Rule “Treat others as you would like to be treated” and they stressed non-violence “Use your words, not your hands. I thought I would remind her of the Golden Rule by showing her how it feels when a friend treats you the way she treated me. As you can see, she didn’t like it a bit. The only possible valid reason for hitting someone is out of self-defense. As a mother of two young and impressionable children who will undoubtedly see or at least hear about this episode, “She Who Shall Not Be Named” of all people should’ve known better. She, as a mother, should not only be teaching her children non-violence she should also be setting the right example for them. Instead, she is continuing her long standing pattern of violent behavior. The fact that her facade was broken and the truth was exposed sent her into an explosion of hysteria. Hence forth, it’s always important to live your truth and not a life of lies.

Her husband’s infidelity has been the gossip of discussions for many of the ladies in the group. So why is it when I introduce a supporting detail she became infuriated and physical? She could have easily defused the question by just saying the child wasn’t his. Instead, the heat in the kitchen was too hot and she couldn’t handle it.

In our discussion, she proves my point by saying she gave me advice as a friend. So my question again is why conduct a background check as a friend! There you have it, for those of you who were still giving her the benefit of the doubt. We were not doing business. At Toya’s Haunted Hospital party, she said NOTHING was in her background and gave me permission to conduct one on her. Rather having a mug shot now or not, she was arrested on battery charges and this is not the first time. She has a history of violence from Maryland to GA. Its official she’s a liar! So much for being a Woman of Empowerment more like a delusional little fraud. Now, “The People” see it for themselves and they are Not Buying what she’s selling!

Honestly, I never thought I would be placed in a position to have to defend myself. Her behavior and actions were inappropriate and unacceptable. I’m not interested in hurting or harming anyone physically. I’m way too old for that, but my protection and safety is first. It took everything in me to keep my composure. As you all know, my now husband and I were arrested years ago. We’ve never hidden that from anyone, and we’ve always owned and openly discussed it. In fact, that experience helped me learn from my mistakes and for that reason I was able to maintain self-control as I was the target of “She Who Shall Not Be Named” rage. Many of you may say she earned an old fashion beat down and you might be right. However, I don’t desire to perpetuate negative images of women. I’ve grown so much and truly am pleased with my actions. Fighting is not the answer, however there was a crime of assault committed against me, and I won’t stand for it. I’m not some cartoon character or robot without feelings. I am a human being with rights, and I will be exploring my options moving forward.

Here comes the stage play with” She Who Shall Not Be Named’ and her husband. Cut to the kitchen scene. I can tell you she won’t be getting an Academy award for that performance and those fake tears. Did she just use the word dishonoring??? He dishonored her and their marriage with his infidelity. Since when is there honor in cheating… #GirlBye

I really hate I was unable to attend Dr. Jackie’s #FitIsTheNewIt program tonight. The doll’s body is banging honey because she enjoys working out. I think it’s a great idea! Some of the ladies in the group definitely can stand to do a few push backs from the table. As Heavenly called me I noticed Toya’s blaming attitude as I expressed why I wouldn’t be attending the event. Her words exactly, “see what bitches make you do”. Implying “She Who Shall Not Be Named” actions were justified. Classy people know they can’t go around hitting people because they don’t like what’s being said. Just ignorance, why split the group allowing division, unless certain individuals thrive in conflict and have their own personal issues against me. Mature adults hear both sides, apply reason, and then draw a conclusion. In time, they also see how they can be instrumental in bridging the gap of peace, instead of instigating gossip and bad behavior. Let’s see who falls where?

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