Episode 1 of Season 3- Welcome to the Drama Dungeon


Welcome to the Drama Dungeon

We are back! Thanks for joining us for the premiere of Married To Medicine season 3! Before we get started did you see how the Doll slayed the photo shoot? #YaassHunty! (In My Dr. G voice)

This episode opens with a great representation of how all of the original cast members are succeeding in their family life and careers. Then it cuts to the desperation of the amateur and the drama begins. Let’s just get right into it.

Hold up, wait a minute. Did she just say Mariah? Why is she even bringing up Mariah’s name when Mariah was clearly not even present in this episode. #ChileYouTriedIt

Her husband wasn’t even seeing it for her lies. He was giving her the side eye the entire time she was talking. As a matter of fact, when his eyes got tired he just used his legs and walked out while she was still trying to seed plant. #PayItDust #DavidCopperfield #DisapearingAct

Toya calls her party a haunted hospital. It’s more like a drama dungeon!

Lisa came to the haunted hospital and tried to add to the decoration by spinning a web of lies. Chile, nobody is buying that. Truth be told the only financial plan she was trying to create was for herself when she was practically on her hands and knees begging me to join 5 Lynx or as she calls it, Network Marketing but, I don’t believe in pyramid schemes.

Let’s do a quick flash back. Last year, Dwight and I had a friendly conversation about me starting Picture Perfect Pup. Dwight offered to introduce me to his connections in the fashion industry. Lisa was barely a part of that conversation. Let’s watch a clip one.


As you can see, Lisa mentioned “network” several times because what she was talking about was “Network” Marketing.

By the time I had the conversation with Dwight, I already had investors lined up for Picture Perfect Pup. As we know, the pet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and several venture capitalists were interested in partnering with me. Exhibit A, clip two:


In this week’s episode you can see that my new baby is doing very well. Website traffic high- check. Sales on fleek – check. Look book complete – check.

This woman lies so much that it can only be for the purpose of getting attention. I don’t deal with desperate people. So, from this point on, I will refer to her as “She Who Shall Not Be Named”.

The people will not be fooled. We all see her strategy of propaganda. Propagandainformation, ideas or rumors deliberately spread widely to harm a person, group, movement or institution.

One thing She Who Shall Not Be Named did tell the truth about in clip one, above, and I quote “Quad and I are great friends. She’s honest, who you see is what you get.”

All of this drama to cover up the fact that she conducted a background investigation on a friend. Not a business partner, not a potential business partner, not even a person who was a part of the conversations about my business. I don’t conduct business with people who have financial problems. #TaxLienOnLineOne #UncleSamWantsHisCoins #YouKnowWesleySnipesWentToJailForThat #LearnFromChrisTucker

But, you will see that next week. Stay tuned for Episode 2.

Now back to the Drama Dungeon. Toya just won’t SHUT UP. I guess she thinks this is the Talking with Tacky Show! But then again she was left out an episode last season. #NeedingTheCoins   And here she goes again, being an instigator. I felt bombarded. It was like they were waiting for me at the doh!

Door Picture

It seemed as if the drama was planned and Toya was manipulated and while watching the episode tonight it even looks planned and manufactured by “She Who Shall Not Be Named”.

Now, what the hell happened? Toya and Simone just out of nowhere get into an argument. Really? Toya, I think you’re just inserting yourself. How can you comment on how Jackie communicates with Simone? Just because Jackie doesn’t hash out her issues with Simone in front of you doesn’t mean she doesn’t do it. Your relationship with Jackie has nothing to do with Jackie’s relationship with Simone. However, I’m in complete support of Simone when she said, “I don’t associate with b****** who even think it’s alright to put their hands on somebody.”

We’ll see how this all turns out!

I’ll end this on a lighter note. I’m still laughing at how Dr. Jackie slayed Heavenly. Why would she put that old picture of the overweight lover on her wall. #LittleBaby #WheresDaddyWhenYouNeedHim

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Tune in next week same place different time. 8pm on Bravo!