Picture Perfect Pup By Quad Webb-Lunceford


Welcome and thanks for shopping luxury with Picture Perfect Pup. Recognized as a premier fashion brand illustrated by style, elegance, and glamour. The brand was established in 2014 by fashionista Quad Webb- Lunceford who adores her two posh pups Khloe and Kar’rie. Quad believes pets are the extension of family and they should be treated as such! With Quad’s passion for fashion she became bored with the lack of fashionable canine apparel. So she set her sites on developing a fashion- forward puppy/dog couture clothing line like never seen before. As Creative Director she has done it all from sourcing unique fabrics, trims, and notions to designing exclusive garments.

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The sophisticated craftsmanship of our one of a kind designs has acquired the most refined clientele across the globe. Our focus is to provide the highest quality canine couture and accessories. All made in the USA. We have something for every lux pup. Custom sizes are available. We can fit the big, tall, and hard to fit pooches. Picture Perfect is quickly becoming the beacon of luxury in the world of canine couture. Browse around and happy shopping!

Visit: http://pictureperfectpup.com

3 Responses to “Picture Perfect Pup By Quad Webb-Lunceford”

  1. Dayna Myers-Brown

    I’ve been watching M2M from the start, & wanted to ready out & send some love to my fav gurl on the show. 😀
    I’m so happy for your successes and wish you a huge congrats & lotsa luck! I hope you have much and continued success with everything.
    Make ya haters’ your motivators, I always keep in mind, anything anyone says that’s negative usually generates from their own unhappiness – & uncontrollable JeaLouSy!!
    Goin 2 go check out your site (pups couture) now.. a good idea also would be to incorporate accessories, necklaces & such into your line, I notice that there’s a lack of ‘fine’ jewelry’ in this arena as well.. :)

  2. A N Anderson

    If my beloved Lady hadn’t passed, I would buy all of it! Congrats to Mrs Quad! There are many who love animals as you do. Please make me a retractable bedazzled leash for when my heart allows me to love another puppy as I love my dachschund in her sunset.

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