On The Road To Blue Ridge


As I have already stated, I won’t be giving Mariah anymore of my attention.  However, I will say that I have not lied about what has gone on between her and I; and, the reason the other ladies haven’t rallied behind her, is because they aren’t fools.  Anyway, I wish her nothing but the best with her future business endeavors.  Now, let’s proceed to the meat of the show.

For a doctor wanting to get away from the drama, my dear Dr. Simone sure did write a prescription for it. Take once a day all this season! She was aware of the last three public encounters between me and Mariah.   Two she witnessed in person.  What made her think inviting Mariah to Blue Ridge would result in anything different?  As a physician, she often deals with probabilities; so, she should be able to predict the probability of another encounter going wrong.  Although Simone may have had good intentions, it came across as #MessyBoots. Especially, since I’ve already told her to respect my wishes, and not to invite me anywhere Mariah is present (events, venues, women’s outings, drag races, Superbowls, World Cups, etc).  At any rate, I do want to thank her for the getaway from the city.  It was a nice change of scenery.

On a side note Jackie, you have many jobs. A wife, an OBGYN, and a businesswoman, but I had no idea you were the “knock off police,” accusing Heavenly of being in possession of a fake Louis Vuitton suitcase. No ma’am! Do you know something we don’t know? Did Heavenly purchase her Fooie Vuitton on Canal St. in NYC? The two for one special. #Shade

I’ve already discussed Toya’s housing situation, so I won’t go in depth here.  What I will say, is that I wish her and her husband the very best in their new home, and hope it works out for them. Not counting anyone’s coins, but there is an old saying, “Keeping up with the Joneses, will keep you Broke.”  For all we know it might be, keeping up with the Harris’.  People should do what they can and live how they can live.  When it’s all said and done, the happiness and beauty of family is all that matters.

While I wish I could say I was done discussing Toya, I have to address the shade she threw at Simone.  Honey, while she was talking about the brand of wine Simone provided, she appeared to be getting a little boost from drinking it.  She was serving palm trees to Simone as if she took her $50,000.  But I digress, moving on to my dear husband.

As far as my husband’s comments go this week, let me start off by clarifying that he does not condone a spouse cheating on his/her mate.  He was simply explaining what may lead some men to stray away from their house whole.  As a licensed and practicing psychiatrist, I think he has the expertise to do such.  Furthermore, he is a very intelligent man. Dr. G knows the quality of woman that he has.  He couldn’t find anyone more supportive, genuine, and ‘snatched’ than me if he tried.

Lastly, I have to say Flashback Friday was quite interesting, but a damn good time and drama free.  Hands down, Heavenly took the award for best dressed of the night.  She went full out, and gave 80’s down!  Also, sharing our meeting stories as couples was both precious and insightful. I made sure to let everyone know, that when Dr. G and I met I was not looking to be kept and on our first date was on me. Nothing wrong with a little shopping. I saw some pieces he would look nice in and purchased. I guess you can say it was a bonus for him.  I was an independent woman then and nothing should change now.  Not sure if that falls under being submissive, but I got my man to “put a ring on it.” All in all, it was a wonderful night for us as girl friends with our spouses. #FunTimes #NoDrama #PeaceOfMind

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