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Toya and her house: Personally, I don’t think that Toya and Eugene’s financials are anyone’s business but, since she brought it to “the people” I guess I’m compelled to put my two cents in. Here it is — Toya, next time please wait until everything is signed, sealed, and delivered before you tell everyone your business. People are on standby waiting for you not to succeed. Honey they are on the sideline cheering hoping you don’t reach your goals. My advice to you always have a protection clause in every contract that will protect your coins.

Stella got her groove back! Oh I’m sorry, I mean Simone. Girl, gone ahead and give that man that thang! (In my Madea voice.) I understand romance without finance could cause a drought season for anyone. Hell, despite popular belief it does rain in southern California from time to time. I’m glad Simone came to her senses and decided to show Cecil some love! Simone scored BIG in my book with the golf course picnic. Good start now give him something he can feel!

Kudos to Jackie for stepping in for Simone and Cecil, but Michael gave her a run for her money. #Benadryl

#RHOA meets #Married2Med and the model casting call begins! Hold up wait just a minute, some of these girls need to take “How to Work the Catwalk 101” by yours truly. Some the women couldn’t walk in #RuPaulsDragRace. I thought we were at a model casting call not at the Kentucky Derby preliminaries. There’s too much galloping and bouncing and don’t let me get started on the sleep walkers. I know some women have aspirations of becoming a model, but everyone doesn’t have the walk, body, or face to peruse the catwalk. I do however admire their courage. I’m excited about Lisa Nicole’s fashion show. It will be nothing but fabulous at 200 Peachtree St. I already have me a few pieces of the Lisa Nicole collection.

Reco was shaking in his boots when we met with the investors. He must have forgotten that I’m always closing. Just call me Brenda Leigh Johnson aka Kyra Sedgwick aka “The Closer”! When I speak everyone listens. Thank God that my vision was reflected in the designs and Reco’s talent spoke louder than words. Those babies were dressed for the gawds!

Picture Perfect Pup is in full effect! Yaaas honey, it’s real! We are currently in production releasing our summer collection in just a few short weeks and ramping up for our 2014 fall collection. To me, my launch presentation of this couture line is just like location to a realtor! Everything moving forward depends on that moment! I know it’s hard for some to wrap their minds around the concept of canine couture. So I have to do it BIG! I’m pulling out all the bells and dog whistles! The launch of Picture Perfect Pup would be a fashion show like no other, but it will be one to be talked about for many years to come and never forgotten. #ToungesAndTailsWagging

Which brings me to my next topic of discussion. Dr. G. . .Sometimes my love for Kar’rie and Khloe is even misunderstood by my husband. After our talk he expressed his longing for a child. He told me I put a lot into my babies (pampered pooches) and he wants to be sure I remember the less fortunate. My response to him is how can I forget? I’m from a blue collar city where people work hard. I’m adapting that same work ethic to Picture Perfect Pup and raising money as I am as a Miracle Maker for Canine Companion for Independence, a national non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs. The take away here is, everybody can’t see your vision but you have to move forward anyway. #TheShowMustGoOn #StayMotivated #MakingBelieversOutOfNonbelievers

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  1. CB

    To me you seem to be a very sincere person. I’m really sorry you had to experience such a public demise of your friendship w/Mariah. I also agree w/u that she has very deep psychological issues and she is in desperate need of counseling. At any rate, I think ep.10 was very refreshing since there was not a lot of bickering:-)


  2. Nicole Johnson

    I just want to say that you are true come up queen. Wow, to stab a friend in the back, try to step in her shoes, and how quickly you did it is amazing. Remember Ms. Quad about digging ditches you most definitely will have to dig one for yourself along side the one you are trying to dig for Mariah. You have the spot light now but how you achieved it is very under handed. It’s amazing how easily we the public are fooled by ratchetness anyone who can say catchy phrases and pretend to be something they are not we fall in love with. Mariah will always be the better women whether she was wrong or not you owe her loyalty and you owe her thanks for putting you on! Check yourself and check your life it stinks right now…Please respond with your catchy phrases it will definitely prove my point! Yessss…. she did that!

    • Charnorm

      Nicole, you said just right. This backstabbing she did to Mariah is going to come back to her. When the rest of those women did not Miss Quad(she does not act married) around, Mariah still invited her to events and included. So she needs to leave the show. She is boring as hell and full of herself. The weave is not looking all that good, problem with hair line.

  3. ladybugjones

    I believe that quad is the messy one here ,last year those other ladies wanted nothing to do with your ratchetness but still you forgive them ,clearly mariah brought you on the show so if she said that she made you relevant then as far as i can tell . Your over acting and tearless cries are to much and your puppy line is a joke people dont spend there money with people like you your fans are ratchet just like you but just weren’t lucky enough to find a sucker to marry them .i hope that greg was atleast smart enough to get a prenup .you and reco with your extra phoney drama if i had my way you ,heavenly and her daddy would be gone the punctuation in this post isn’t correct but i doubt you’ll be able to tell catch that shade hunty

  4. CaramelD1

    Quad, regardless of what anyone says, God used Mariah to bring you to the masses to glorify you. Mariah was only a vessel. She is not your God. She didn’t create you nor give you favor; and unfortunately, favor ain’t fair. I’m sure you’ve thanked her many times, and that is enough. You don’t owe her anything other than that. Be the bigger person and send her a card to frame that says, “Thank you for letting the Lord use you to bless me” and be done with it. The key to continued blessings is to remain humble and rise above the rest. Don’t belittle, talk about, gossip, blog about or judge the other women and you will always stay in God’s good graces. Remember:
    ROMANS 14:16 Let not then your good be evil spoken of

    • Charnorm

      You cannot be a Christian, because for you to say the “masses to glorify Quad”. R U kidding me? What r you smoking? God has nothing to do with the behavior of women on these shows. These women show who they are, and Quad is a backstabber. When the rest of the women did not want her around, Marriah is the one who kpet inviting and including her in all things she was a part of. Friends do have misunderstandings, but to involve the whole group in this is all Quad. The fake tears, lying to her husband about children. You still God is glorifying this woman. Then you really need to pray again.

  5. Charnorm

    I just wish you would go away. Seeing you on this show made me loose my show. You can say what you want about Marriah, but she still comes out to be a better classier woman than you. I am not sure what mirror you look at yourself in, but it must be backwards. Check that bad weave you wear. With all the money you spend, can’t you buy better quality hair. The glue is damaging your hair line, because it is too far back. There are a lot of people who used to watch MTM, but we got tired of seeing you, Lisa Marie, but Dr. Heavenly can really read you women. You got mad at Marriah, but Dr. Heavenly calls all of you Fake Women of Atlanta. Realhousewives of Atlanta will always be a better show, because these women have fan attachments and we grow with them, but you destroyed MTM. Stop playing the victim. A strong woman would have had Marriah around at every chance just to show who had class. You did not get that, and thats why Marriah is still the Queen. Seen or not seen on this show. You will never be a Marriah, you just don’t have what it takes.

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