Episode 9 Blog – Queen Of Denial


Quad tries to answer the million dollar question — Is Simone being messy?

Reco allowed his emotions to supersede his intellect, and I was very disappointed in how he handled himself at the Women of Atlanta fashion show.

Wow, a restraining order! Mariah has hit an all-time low. Really, two weeks after the fact, she’s now placing a restraining order on Reco! If she felt her life was in danger then why the hell did she stand on the curb for 45 more minutes trying to provoke me into an argument with her? Reco never got in her face and most certainly never used any force towards her. She’s really playing the victim card. By the way wasn’t she protected by the overweight brokedown rental cop? #TopFlightSecurityOfTheWorldCraig

Lisa Nicole — Amira’s Princess Birthday party was beautiful! I’m terribly sorry that I couldn’t be in attendance. I have decided to remove myself from the drama. I will not continue to put myself in compromising situations that can be manipulated and flipped on me.

I’m dying. Your quote is so true: “If the queen is late, she shall wait!” Mariah had no respect for anyone’s time. I’m sorry she disrupted Amira’s party with the shenanigans. To come into your home throwing rose petals and breaking things is just plain rude.#CleanUpOnIsle2

The fact that they didn’t even offer to clean up just further shows her character. It seems she is in denial about her behavior.

Simone: The million dollar question is — Is Simone being messy? Especially when she said that Mariah likes to assert her authority. Could Simone be in denial that she is playing both sides of the fence? Or is she’s afraid of any backlash from the so called Queen Bee? Simone makes bold statements then she back peddles. Simone I never gave an ultimatum. STOP. I never told you who you could be friends with. I simply said that I will not be where drama is. I said if you invite her then I won’t be there. Why do you feel the need to go into manufactured detail? You are throwing others under the bus when you were in on it too. Simone’s exact words were that she did not care as long as Cecil was there! Not cool!

Know your role. #You’reAnOBnotaReferee.

Heavenly: That was an ole nasty read, about truth. Honey! I respect your honesty. Good for you for keeping it real. Mariah asked the question has she been a good friend to Heavenly. This type of behavior is what Simone meant when she said Mariah likes to assert her authority. She was attempting to intimidate Heavenly, looking at her with piercing eyes — giving her the Ike Turner look. Heavenly stood her ground.

Lucy, again, is talking when her mouth should remain closed! Heavenly, take note. Some people like to hit you and hide their hand.

Jackie: I would like to thank you for remaining neutral and keeping it classy. When Kurtston confirmed to you that she considers you her mother too, it touched my heart. What a sweet mother-daughter moment.