Episode 7 Blog – A Cancerous Cell


It was an honor to be invited by fashion designer, Raphael Cox, to walk in the Women of Atlanta Fashion show to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  My mission is to raise awareness about breast cancer and to motivate women to not only set and achieve their goals but, live a healthy life.

In 2014, there will be an estimated 1,665,540 new cancer cases diagnosed and 585,720 cancer deaths in the US. Cancer remains the second most common cause of death in the US, accounting for nearly 1 of every 4 deaths1.  It’s important to perform daily self-examinations, routine mammograms and schedule annual physicals with your physician.

Some of the models on the catwalk were breast cancer survivors, many of whom were under the age of 40.  This came as a surprise to most in the audience.  Seeing such young women, who had stared death in the face and came out victorious was inspiring.  Women under 40 are usually in the planning stage of their lives, planning a wedding, planning to start a family, planning a girlfriends get away, or simply planning for the next phase of their lives.  Never, in my 30’s could I imagine being forced to undergo chemo-therapy and radiation or

I salute these women and I honor them.  I want them to know that they are everyday heroines because they were able to fight this battle with style, grace and courage.

I would also like to acknowledge the doctors who see these tragedies on a regular basis, stand strong and support their patients through the battle.

I was so excited about the evening.  There was great energy and a feeling of love in the room. My close friends were there and I was so happy to see that all the girls came out.  I would like to thank Dr. Jackie, Dr. Simone, Toya, Lisa Nicole and Dr. Heavenly for always showing their support.  We were able to raise thousands of dollars through the generous contributions of the attendees.

Thank goodness the show had ended and all donations were in before The Boys in the Hood showed up to try to steal the spotlight.  If you pay close attention you can see that it’s always the same story, different characters- “I made him/her relevant” is the mantra.  First it was Toya, then Bryan Lamar, Reco Chapple and now me.  Mariah called herself a “star maker”.  Too bad she couldn’t use those powers to help herself.

I can understand how so many people are upset about the demise of my and Mariah’s friendship but, if they have eyes to see that if she will treat her own flesh and blood, Brian Lamar, like she did, then treating me the same way was easy for her.  She told him that anything he has ever done and anything has ever had was because of her.  Wow, not again! She also said that she could make one phone call and no one would work with him.  She admittedly stopped speaking to her best friend, Reco because he asked me to do a photo shoot when she was unavailable.  She really needs to check her ego!!!

She continues to speak negatively about me.  Constantly planting seeds as to how she helped me or wanted to change me. Disregarding my feelings mocking me. She has been making up lies to try to hide the truth.  I have only spoken the truth.  However, some people love mess and no matter how many facts are presented they are drawn to the flashing lights of #Messyville.

A cancerous cell does not only come in the form of a disease pathology. It can also come in the form a fake friend. Early detection is a must.  When not properly diagnosed it can metastasize which could be fatal in health…and friendship.  The best course of action is usually to cut if off and remove the cancerous cell.