ABC Radio in New York!


On my recent trip to New York, I had the greatest interview with ABC Radio! Check out for my interview soon!


2 Responses to “ABC Radio in New York!”

  1. Alonda

    Quad is so jealous of mariah after everything she did for her you would think quad would have more respect, but you know what they say be careful who you help. Mariah was the only one who had your back and quad should be grateful but she’s more interested in stealing the spotlight and playing victim with that fake performance she put on tonight. Somebody please give her an academy award please! lol

    • Yvonne

      Girl, what you said….preach! Mariah was right they clearly set her up at STK!!!! Quad is a horrible person and her cheerleader is that thang she calls a fashion designer in awful clothing and teeth. What kinda of man confronts a woman. Quad is making it her business to really tear down Mariah’s character after Mariah has helped her. Reading all these tweets on Quad’s twitter surely she paid those people to be on her side because anybody with a brain will clearly see her for what she is….a master manipulator and liar!!! A red herring!!!

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