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The True Tea…

I would like to say thanks to the entire #QuadSquad.  The past year has been exciting however, I’ve not been spared pain. I know you all are disappointed that the “Quad and Mariah duo” is no more and trust me I am too. However, after all I’ve endured it was best that I let that friendship fade to black.

With that being said there were several incidents and arguments but never did I imagine she would get physical with me. So as you all know there was an altercation at STK between myself and Mariah. As she noted in the episode her friend took her home, but that’s not all he did. He wrote about the events of the evening in his blog on Dec 10th 2013. So for those of you who are confused let’s not take my word for it. Yet hear it from Mariah’s friend in his own words.  Story below.

Married To Medicine’s Quad & Mariah Get To Fighting In Popular Atlanta Steakhouse

Quad and Mariah

“Chile it looks like this season of Married To Medicine is going to be off the chain. I honestly was hoping that many of the off camera antics would not make it on screen, but that was wishful thinking on my part. Seeing as though much what viewers will see on camera season 2 is really happening in real life, I might as well go ahead and start spilling tea. For those of you that think the drama between Quad & Mariah is a manufactured PR stunt, TRUST ME IT IS NOT. I’ve been a witness to some of it, and there has not been a single television camera around.  That being said, Mariah & Quad had a rather magical evening at Atlanta hot spot STK  (not your daddy’s steakhouse) that ended with designer purses hitting the floor, shoes being taken off, and someone being escorted out of the restaurant.  Catch these T’s. 

I'm Queen Bee

Drama had been brewing for months. The he say she say had been rampant in Atlanta. It was time for it all to come to a head so all parties involved could move on with their lives like civilized adults. So we thought… Quad, Mariah, Reco Chapple and myself all arrive at STK in attempt to schedule some time for us all to sit down and discuss some things like mature adults.  The restaurant was packed to capacity and the music was loud. The Doll bought a round of drinks for everyone and decided we should move near the restrooms to speak in private. Once in the back of the restaurant, I gave a brief spiel about how STK clearly was not the place for us to talk and that we should arrange sometime later on in the week to hash things out. All parties involved agreed. During our time near the bathroom, Mariah had a hard time standing up. I was thinking to myself “damn bitch maintain”.  I’m not going to say she was drunk because I did not have a Breathalyzer in my pocket. Perhaps she had a pebble in her shoe. At the close of our conversation, Quad felt it prudent to remove Mariah’s drink from her hand. Quad handed off the drink to me and said “ one of y’all get her some water.” Mariah feeling some kind of way said to Quad “don’t worry about me, worry about Reco”.  Being a lady, and not wanting any kind of scene to break out by the restrooms, I kind of pushed Quad along to told her to go on back to the dance floor area.

Eventually we all made it back to the front of the restaurant. Qaud made her way over to me and we began to have small talk. Mariah had taken a seat at some random peoples table. The next thing I know, Mariah was nodding and appeared to be sleep. I’m not gone say she was drunk because I didn’t perform a field sobriety test, maybe she was just sleepy and trying to get in a quick power nap. I assume Reco found it more appropriate if Mariah sat at Quad’s table to rest versus some strangers non of us knew, so he escorted Mariah to a seat at Quad’s table.

Oh Hell No

Here is where ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE, The next thing I know, as Quad and I are making small talk at the front door, one of Quad’s friends interrupts our conversation and says “Quad you may want to come over here, Mariah is fussin with your neighbor.” Chile I knew no good was going to come of this and I wanted no parts, so I stayed my ass by the front door. I watched as Quad walked over to the table. The next thing I know Quad and Mariah are having and heated exchange and Mariah is whacking Quad in the back the rhythm of each syllable in her speech. At that point I began to walk over towards the table to try and break things up, but security had already beat me to it. Next thing I know, Mariah’s designer purse was on the floor and security was escorting Mariah out the restaurant. Chile… and the drama that ensued the days and weeks following this incident was equally as juicy. Ohhh and the mess is still going on to this day. Stay tuned…” www.funkydinvea.com

Mariah is a magician, of sorts.  She specializes in deception, manipulation and lies.  She can make the savviest person believe her lies.  For example Mariah has conducted a number of interviews where she said that fame changed me.  As for me I never wanted to be famous and most definitely would never have traded a friend for fame. I have some of the same friends for over 20 years.  When I’m your friend I give 100%.  So this is very hurtful to me.  It’s like a nasty break up.

I want you all to understand leading up to the night of the debacle at STK I hadn’t had any communication with Mariah in months and that was by choice.  I was at a dinner party with friends when a group text was sent to me by Quentin Latham aka (Funky Dineva) who was hanging with Mariah as she was having a day of cocktails.

Quad text message

What was supposed to be a quick meeting between Reco, Dineva, Mariah, and myself to decide a better time and place for us to have a round table discussion to clear the air later in the week. Turned into a complete disaster!  Mariah is trying to make it sound like she was ambushed at STK. I want to set the record straight on Mariah’s version of the story. I would never try to set anyone up to be “attacked” by my friends. Nor would my friends do anything like that.  They’re too classy.  Mariah asked Reco Chapple if he had a table.  He said, “No, but Quad does.  She sent him to ask me if she could sit at my table.  We saw how drunk she was and how she was slumped over on a bench by the hostess stand, with no shoes on and we both agreed that in her condition it would be better for her to sit in a well lilt area hoping it would make her more alert.

When Mariah reached the table she was the one who started in on my friend.  First, she sat in a chair that blocked the entrance to the other side of the table.  As one of my friend’s approached the table and said, “Excuse me, could you please move your chair so, I can get back to my seat?” Mariah said, “No, go sit right there, There’s a chair.”  Attempting to direct her to another seat.  My friend informed her that the chair Mariah was pointing to was at the table next to us and her seat, where her dinner was on the other side of our table.  Mariah still refused to move.  A nice lady at the other table actually moved her seat to allow my friend to cross over to get back to her seat at our table.  Then Mariah asked my friend, “What’s up with Miss Quad?”  My friend refused to be baited into some mess with Mariah and that made her angry.  At that point Mariah started ranting and saying, “I ain’t done nothing to Quad but, made her relevant.” Everyone at the table was embarrassed by Mariah’s behavior and couldn’t believe that my friend would speak like that about me.  They actually felt that if they just ignored her she would stop.  So, they just pretended she wasn’t there and continued their conversation.  Mariah then grabbed my friend’s hand squeezing it, gritting her teeth and shouting at her. “Anybody who really loved Quad would tell her that all I did to her was make her relevant.” My friend pulled her hand back from Mariah and told her “You better stop grabbing on me that’s how you got into a fight last year with Toya.” Then, others at the table noticed that things were getting out of hand so, my other friend came to get me.”

When I reached the table all I said was “What’s going on ladies?” Mariah then yelled, “Oh you’re going take her side over mine.”  I turned to Mariah and told her that she had too much to drink and it was time for her to leave.  That’s when she got physical with me.  She starting hitting me on my back and yelling “Bitch I made you relevant.”  We exchanged some really angry words and then security snatched and retained her then ushered her to the door.

Yes, I tossed her purse but, I was actually tossing it to a friend who missed the catch and it landed on the floor.  I never intended for that to happen.  Once Mariah’s friend got her in the car and pulled out of the parking garage Mariah wasn’t finished.  She jumped out of the car, still barefoot and tried to storm the front door of the restaurant.  The bouncer bounced her right on back to her car.

So, yes, I agree she was crying, but she wasn’t crying because I treated her like a dog.  Everyone knows that I treat my dogs very well.  Top of the line. She was crying because she lose control of herself and the situation. Proof of the nasty text messages Mariah sent to my friend after she was removed escorted from the premises. Mariah in the grey my friend in the green.

Text message2Text Message3

After being assaulted by Mariah and then reading her texting like she did nothing, I can understand why my friend called her out of her name in this text message. When any person is fed up and has been pushed to the limited one should be careful of the outcome.

As you can see, Dwight and the “Street Committee” confused a few of the facts.  But, one thing he did get right is that there’s some jealously in the air. #CueDrake.

I’m sure after seeing this episode Mariah will say, “It’s a conspiracy against her.” That everyone wants to overthrow her from the imaginary thrown she sits on.  She may even take the blame it on production approach and say “they are trying to make me look bad’ or she may try the seed planting tactic and say “Quad is good at playing the victim, but y’all don’t really know Quad.”  Trust me I’m no victim just giving you the #TrueTea and keeping it real as I’ve always have.

I’m sure Mariah will say she’s taking the high road — after all the truth is too hard for her to face. . .



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Until next week Quad Squad!