Episode 1 Blog – Quad on #UlteriorMotives


Quad gives Dr. Heavenly credit for trying it, thinks Simone should blame it on the alcohol, and that Mariah’s cover is blown.

Yes honey the ladies of #Married2Med are back! I must say since Season 1, a lot has changed and for good reason. We’ve added new faces, discovered new personalities and revealed FAKE friends. #UlteriorMotives

Mariah, Mariah, Mariah, you still don’t have it right! Telling a child to “Hit It And Quit IT” is way too provocative for children. This should have never come from you, seeing that you were the aggressor in last year’s poolside brawl.

Ian, bullying is bad, but hitting a girl is WORSE. Inform an adult and let them take care of the situation in a mature manner and always take the high road and walk away.

Now, let’s get straight to the chase… Mariah takes no responsibility for her actions, yet wants to take credit for my entire being.  It’s so sad that she looks at everyone as a pawn on a chessboard and I’m literally disgusted. Speaking of puppets, in Mariah’s 1st scene with her mother and sister it amazes me how she can be Gepetto and Pinocchio at the same damn time. Using them to do your dirty work by making statements she wants to put into the universe while keeping your hands clean. #GirlBye #YourCoverIsBlown


Chile, you know this is not about Reco Chapple so don’t try to use him as a front. #SpareUsTheRhetoric You’re threatened by anyone who garners more success than you! Lucy, I agree with the word disappointed but “SHE ENVY”? # HookedOnPhonics #RosettaStone # BabyWordsWorth #BabyEinstein  What’s even more disappointing  is that you are backing Mariah in her mess, instead of helping her to grow. You are perpetuating her lies and bad behavior. But, I must say, distance is best and I made that decision for all of us back in May 2013. Now, Mariah, this first verse is for you. http://youtu.be/Ng02QSUiL8M#aid=P–KY04ejw0

Dr. Jackie- I understand you are a medical doctor however; no one asked you for your professional opinion. You trampled on Miss GA Plus’ self-esteem.  Take your doctor’s hat off for a moment and put yourself in her shoes.  She was just proud! Jackie you basically told her she was in a struggle and didn’t even know it! LOL #TheStruggleIsReal   Chile, Dr. Jackie has gooped Dr. Heavenly for her title. “A dentist is not a doctor” #ShadyBoots Honey just know I have Dr. Heavenly’s number on speed dial if you ever have an abscess.

Dr. Heavenly- You know damn well you didn’t iron Dr. Damon’s tuxedo. Girl you tried it!  Who the hell irons a tuxedo??? At least tell the people you got it dry cleaned. I admit you came out the gate guns a blazing. The primary shot hitting Toya and the buck shots hitting Jackie and Simone. Heavenly, you don’t live with Jackie or Simone. You don’t know if they’re submissive or not. #StayInYourLane #StayInYourHome

Dr. Simone- Getting the girls together. “Does Your Mind Work At ALL”  “That Movie was Hustle and Flow” But did you think this was a 2Live Crew, Luther Campbell video??? You know whether playing or not you CAN NOT drop it like it’s hot on someone else’s husband. I know it was in fun, but you need to know your friends. #BlameItOnTheAlcohol  BTW, what’s wrong with being a wife?  Most women aspire to be married.

Toya- There’s one on-going theme that is consistent in this episode, almost everyone calling you dumb. Surely you are not one dimensional. Please show The People something different.

Welcome to #Married2Med Season 2

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10 Responses to “Episode 1 Blog – Quad on #UlteriorMotives”

  1. evelyn

    Dr. Heavenly was throwing major shade basically using being a doctor against Drs. Simone and Jackie saying how they don’t take care of their families due to their professsion. Who in the hell irons a tuxedo? Are we short on funds or what? She wanted to make a point to say she cooked his meal and then ironed his tux…..LOLOL! GIRL BYE! Honey come scrub my damn floor, iron my ball grown and cook my dinner chile!

    Quad I understand your position however understand Mariah’s. Y’all need to talk to clear the air and not getting info from other sources. ..been in y’all shoes! Everyone make mistakes! Season 1 Mariah really gave you a lot of shine Miss Quah she got it because she loved you very much from watching the show. You gave her a lot as well. Mariah started the show with people she cared about….food for thought! Did she expect loyalty for giving everyone a chance…YES and who wouldn’t in her shoes! Now the photo shoot I do feel considering Mariah is your friend and if she was asked first and she couldn’t at that moment maybe you should have ran it across her letting her know what Chapelle wanted and simply told him noooo. How would you feel if it were you in her shoes? I understand opportunity but some just isn’t worth it. I could be wrong….you two are my faves! Memphis in the house

  2. Huh

    Glad someone blogged early. I needed a good AM read. 1st off, I’m sorry to see the demise of your relationship with Mariah. I did see her attempts to make you her “study” last season which wasn’t cool. She was wrong and hopefully pride doesn’t destroy whatever may be left to salvage. I’m not going negative with either side because you both are good TV. I’m getting into MarriedtoMed. Loves season 2 already. Keep on giving us life and doing shows Ms.Quad.

  3. Huh

    Btw, will one of you tell Ms. lemon squeeze that her frail Arnold Schwarzenegger biceps is not the business calling somebody unhealthy. Have a seat Dr Jackie Ghandi. Lol

  4. Ruby Roxy Gatling-Fitzgerald

    I think eventually Mariah will get off her high horse and you two will make up. Dr Heavenly has a bad attitude period. I don’tthink Dr SSimone meant any harm by dancing with toya man. Too tipsy. And Toya who?

  5. Sylvia Crenshaw

    Hey Ms. Quad, I really hope that you and Ms. Mariah can work things out. You two seemed to have a very good friendship and everyone can tell that both of you are hurting by the 1st episode. Sit down and talk like two adults and work things out instead of blogging about it to the world. Ms. Lucy has issues but I am not going to disrespect Mariah’s mom. Also why are you now saying the Mariah was the aggressor last year at the pool party fight? You were not saying that then. Work it out please. Team Ms. Quad and Ms. Mariah

  6. Jamie Caldwell

    Yes, Ms. Quad-tell em! I love Jackie and Simone too. I am so glad you up on Mariah, that lady is misery in the making.

  7. Gladys Dark

    Plain and simple black women need to learn to respect each others talents, gifts and skills. It matters not who opens the door for you, if you can remain grateful. This is not a human issue, it is a Kingdom of God issue. David needed Jonathan, Ruth needed Naomi, and Joshua needed Moses. Without these predecessors, there would not have been a ‘them.” Quad, don’t get me wrong. I love you and Mariah, just be mature about the relationship the two of you had, put the camera’s aside, that will soon ‘fade to black’ as reality television does. Enjoy the spotlight now, but not at the expense of a friendship, and the person who was the ‘Inside man/woman” (Mariah) in this case, and brought you out of the shadows into the limelight. I’m just saying, because loyalty is a ‘pet peav’ of mine, and too many people do not understand how to be a loyal friend, and the implications of transgressing such a spiritual virtue. Blessings, and love to you both, would love to meet each of you.

  8. It made me sad to see you cry in the beginning of this episode. It made me cry. I know that sometimes friendships end and there’s not much you can do to control it, but stay classy and keep being you.

    I can understand Toya feeling like she was disrespected at her fundraiser by Dr. Simone’s actions, BUT, at the same, there’s a time and place for everything. She could have called, texted, emailed, wrote a letter, dropped by her house, sent a carrier pigeon…anything but confront her at a black-tie event in front of her colleagues and others. That was just wrong on so many levels. There is a way you handle things and that wasn’t it.

    The jury is still out on Dr. Heavenly, but so far it’s a big negative for me. She was completely disrespectful to Dr. Simone and the goings on in her marriage. Being submissive and waiting on your husband hand and foot may work for you, but that doesn’t work for everybody. And…Daddy? o_O

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