Fabulous Modern Bathroom Ideas!


I’m absolutely obsessed with modern day bathroom designs!  I have picked a few of my favorites and you can never go out of style with these beauties! It’s almost as if you aren’t even in a bathroom!


Do any of you have a fascination with corner tubs?  I feel they give a great use of space, don’t you? This bathroom screams nothing but relaxation!


Wow! Imagine a spa in your bathroom! I would never leave!  What more can you ask for?


It’s mind blowing looking at this particular bathroom design with a fireplace.  I’m excited just looking at it!


Talk about majestic at it’s best! This modern day bath includes a center table, and chair for relaxation. Isn’t that convenient?


This gorgeous low-leveled bathtub looks so darn attractive. Imagine looking out and enjoying nature while relaxing during a nice bath…

Do you have any fabulous bath ideas? If so, let me know.  I’m on the hunt to re-decorate now!



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  1. V @ Peace

    These are cool. I especially love the Victorian-inspired bath with the center table. I love the drapes hanging over the tub. It reminds me of this old black-and-white movie, “The Women” with Joan Crawford. Her character took bubble baths in an elegant claw-footed tub with drapes hanging over. #ELEGANT

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