5 Ways To Keep The Romance Alive!


Technically, I’m still a newlywed, however, I strive everyday in order to keep the romance alive in my marriage. My hubby works very long hours and I have found that the following 5 tips are keeping our relationship fresh!

  • Send Him a Sweet Afternoon Treat. 
I know my hubby has very grueling days, so what I do for him sometimes is send him an I’m-thinking-about-you lunch. I also let him know dessert’s waiting at home when he gets there. :)
  • No More Pecking. I’m totally over it! We don’t just peck one another on the lips, we actually KISS!  Be passionate about it and let him know that you are his!
  • Go Postal. This may sound crazy, but it’s actually my favorite. With all of this technology around, I sometimes go the old fashion route and send my hubby I-want-you notes via mail.
  • That dream getaway hunty. Together, my hubby and I look at brochures or websites and  wediscuss what a great getaway would look like. This is very inspiring and gives us something to look forward to.
  • Bottom Line…Be intimate. Intimacy is not negotiable in a healthy, long-term partnership. Touching is one of the most nurturing forces!

Part two of my tips are coming soon! I hope you guys have been enlightened! J




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  1. Whydid Youblockme

    Oh boy …. Quad – you really are spreading your wings aren’t you …. got a lil shine with the puppy couture – which is really nice, honestly, I like what you did with the doggie couture – but now you’re an “expert” on romance? I like the things you’re doing, I think you’re a beautiful lady & very talented – but please don’t let your head get TOO BIG …. please don’t become one of those people (or celebs) who get a lil success & now thinks they “Know-It-All” ….

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