Correcting Your Crunches!


Lately, I have been having discussions with my girlfriends and neighbors about the proper way to do an ab crunch!

I decided to do a bit of testing for myself in order to perfect and correct my crunches.

If you notice that your lower back hurts and your neck is sore after finishing your regular core routine, you are probably doing something wrong.

Below are 5 steps on correcting your crunch!

1. Cross your hands over your chest.
If you pull your head up with your hands while doing crunches, you will put a strain on your neck.   The best way to handle this situation is  cross your arms over your chest and focus on pulling up with your abdominal muscles. Your head, neck and abs should be in one straight line—if your neck is coming up first, correct yourself.

2. Don’t do your mama’s sit-up from back in the day. LOL Sit-ups that require you to come all the way up from the floor to your knees can put a strain on your lower back and neck. Please switch to crunches instead. Crunches should be a smaller movement where you lift your head and shoulders up from the floor about 1/3 of the way, then back down again.

3. Keep Your Chin Up. One thing you don’t want to do is touch your chin to your chest while you are crunching. Always point your chin upward toward the ceiling. This will minimize the strain on your neck.

4. Pull in and press down.
At the top of your crunch, pull your belly button in towards your spine while you press your lower back down to the floor. Exhale while you do this to steady your breathing, this will make your muscles stronger.

5. Inhale and relax.
When you’re lowering down from your crunch, inhale and relax while you return back to your starting position.

Try and keep these tips in the back of your mind next time you decide to do any ab crunches. These tips will help minimize any back pain and neck strain.

What is your favorite abs workout?