FreddyO: 5 Reasons Bravo’s Married to Medicine Quad Webb-Lunceford Gives US LIFE!!!


5 Reasons Bravo’s Married to Medicine Quad Webb-Lunceford Gives US LIFE!!!

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Atlantan-MagazineMarried to Medicine Star Quad aka @ABSOLUTELYQUAD is Giving Everyone Life right now with all her Isms.. “Yesssss! She is Very that is! (no Really) Even Blogger fessed up to admitting that Quad definitely “GIVES HIM LIFE” and we know what a critic Dineva can be. We ran into Quad at the Atlantan Magazine Anniversary Party and she was such a lady. I guess she needed to show #TackyToya how ladies conduct themselves at public affairs. Check out the 5 Reasons Quad Gave Everyone at the Party Life! – Hanging with the Best Stylists, Make Up Artists, The Best Magazine Parties with the best Sponsors and the best Caterers, Drinking the Best Tasting Vodka Worldwide “Greygoose is considered the World’s Best Tasting Vodka”


Reason #1- Keeping the Right Company – Everyone Knows How Important it is to have the Perfect Stylist in Your Life- She’s Hanging With the Best


Reason #2 –The perfect shape! Realizing the need to keep physically fit will help you obtain the perfect Donkey Booty without the Video or #TileGrout or Fix a Flat


#3 – 100% Virgin Hair – A Good Weave and a Better Weaveologist- It’s so important to keep a great Hair Stylist on Deck! Camera Ready is the Name of the Game.

KhloeKariKhloe and Kari PoshPups

#4 Business Owner- CEO – of Posh Pup Apparel -CEO of her OWN Brand- An Animal Lover !  Quad Webb-Lunceford even has a BRAIN! She’s the Owner of Her Own Firm and Creates Her Destiny!

contemplation-quad (1)

#5- Quad knows how to match a GOOD SHOE! Find a Great Make-Up Artist to Not Over Do it! (Make Up by Nat Brown of the GreenRoom Agency)


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